Curtain Style Photo Booth

Be As Crazy As You Like!
Many of our clients choose the curtain style booth because they want to keep their event formal and enjoy a little more privacy.

The curtains allow people to go inside the enclosed area and act as reserved or as crazy as they want to without feeling overly conscious of who’s watching.


Why is a Curtain Style Booth The Right Choice?

With all of our booths we use Canon DSLR cameras, diffused photographic lighting, and 30-second Dye Sub printers, which sets us apart from all of our competitors.

At 3.5ft wide by 7 ft long, it can comfortably fit 8+ people. However, because it is made with curtains, many groups have fun packing in many more people. It’s a general rule that the more people you stuff in there, the more fun you’ll have!

We offer multiple color options for the entry curtain to make sure our booth fits perfectly with your decor.

If you are booking with at least 3 months notice, we can even craft completely custom curtains so that the entire booth will match the color scheme of your event.

What People Love About Curtain-Style Booths

  • Simplistic – non-confining, easy in and out
  • Private – go crazy behind the curtain
  • Curtains – choose from multiple color options
  • Spacious – 3.5ft wide by 7ft long, fits 8+ people

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Photo Booth Rentals are fun and affordable.
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