How To Get The Most From Your Photo Booth Rental Budget

Throughout this guide I’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible and explore all available photo booth rental options. Here, I make no apologies for being biased. If I were you, this is how I’d get the most for my money.

How Much Booth Rental Time Do I Need?

The time you need depends on what booth print option you choose and the number of guests. As I mentioned in "The Lie" a 2 hour booth from one company may serve the same number of guests as a 6 hour booth from another company, so there’s no good answer to this question.

However, if you’re looking to save money by selecting a package with a lower number of booth hours, choose a company with fast equipment to give you the most more bang for your buck.


Your Budget

How Much Should I Pay to Rent a Photo Booth?

There’s no specific dollar amount you should look to pay. I suggest using this guide to determine your ‘must haves’. Then, spend the lowest amount you can to get the photo and print quality, features, customization and service guarantees that you desire.

Insider Tips to Stretch Your Photo Booth Budget:

Reserve a photo booth rental that offers a print for each guest, it will give you the lowest cost per print.

Choose a booth with a Dye Sub printer. The print speeds will be fastest, so there will be less time spent waiting in line. Because speed is required, companies that offer a print for each guest also tend to use Dye Sub printers.

Select a booth with a screen that has a live view. Guests will be able to visually frame themselves in the photo beforehand, so there will be fewer botched photos and retakes that hold up the line.

Make use of Idle Hours (lower cost time where the booth is set up, but not available to guests) to ensure the booth is open during the time your guests will be most able to use it.

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