What If?

The One Question You Must Ask Your Photo Booth Rental Company

Not Knowing Could Ruin Your Event!

There’s one question you MUST ask your Photo Booth rental company before signing a contract. It will give you insight into how the company treats its customers, and most importantly it will prepare you for the unexpected. That question is:


What happens if something goes wrong?

Most photo booth rental companies have non-refundable deposits because at popular companies, booths book up to a year or more in advance. Since your down payment is non-refundable, you should be certain of what will happen if services can’t be provided, especially, if those reasons are outside of your control.

Photo booths are made of electronic equipment, and occasionally batteries die, computers crash & printers jam. How well is the company you intend to hire prepared to handle these situations? Do they have backup equipment on hand in the case of an equipment failure? Do they have more than one booth? How have they handled these experiences in the past?

Beyond the technical difficulties of the booth, the attendant could get ill, or have a car that doesn’t start. Will your money be refunded if the fault is the company’s?

I recently purchased an end of season sale item from an online store. UPS lost the delivery and since it was the last one available I wasn’t able to get a replacement. The store issued me credit, which I prefer to them saying, “Oh well, we shipped it, the rest is your problem.” But, I was a little disappointed because I only purchased because of the deep discount. Now I’m forced to wait until next year’s sale, or buy another item at full price.

If your event is canceled, what is the company policy? Even if the cancellation is your fault, will you at least get credit towards a future event? Will the company guarantee that you will get what you pay for? What will you get in return if you’re not happy with their service?

In most areas there is no business license required to operate a photo booth, but a reputable photo booth company should at least have liability insurance if something was to hurt one of your guests. It’s great if they have equipment replacement insurance too. If they have both types of insurance, you are less likely to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit, and they are more likely to be in business even if something unexpected happens prior to your event.

Tip: Check online reviews and mentions about the company to make sure that what you’re being promised aligns with what previous customers have experienced.

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