Rules for Renting a Photo Booth


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Do Ask

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What happens if something goes wrong?
  • What equipment do you use in the booth & Why?
  • Other trusted vendors if they’ve heard of your photo booth rental company

Do Set Up

  • In a highly visible area
  • Against a wall & near a power outlet
  • An external monitor so guests are entertained in line
  • In an adjacent room that can be closed off for set-up or break-down

Do Get Full Value By

  • Having your MC or DJ announce the booth (and the guestbook/scrapbook)
  • See photos of the booth before you reserve, to make sure it fits your event
  • Placing photo strip frames at guests seats encouraging photo booth use
  • Including props to help guests break out of their shell

Don't Get Ripped-Off

  • Do search engine research, and read all reviews
  • Avoid scams by asking for a contract with full details
  • Check for liability and equipment insurance
  • Be very careful with Daily Deals
  • Ask for a definition of ‘Unlimited Use’

Don't Set Up Poorly by...

  • Placing the booth in a low traffic area
  • Putting a green screen booth across from a window
    • Harsh light or shadows are bad for green screen photography
  • Allowing the arrival or departure time to disrupt your event
  • Assuming the booth will accommodate children, tall guests or the disabled
    • Advise the company about the needs of your guests in advance and ask if the booth will accommodate them

Watch Out For

  • Low quality photos:
    • Ask for additional examples not on the company's web site. Owning a DSLR camera doesn’t always mean you know how to operate it
  • Bulky or ugly booths, ask for photos of the company’s current booth
  • Fading or Smudging prints: Confirm the Printer option being used

Photo Booth Rentals are fun and affordable.
Reserve one today for your next special event.